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Canadian Voices is a public affairs radio series which is internationally syndicated, and offered free of charge from this site. The programmes are produced by Kootenay Cooperative Radio, a volunteer-run non-profit community radio station, which broadcasts at 93.5 FM in Nelson, BC, Canada, and audio streams at

Through a series of one-hour audio programmes, Canadian Voices presents radio, internet, and podcast listeners the opportunity to hear talks by Canadian authors, academics, activists, artists, and thought-provoking citizens who explore ideas and events that characterize our country. Topics range from cultural diversity, climate change, urban planning and media analysis, to politics, art, education, and literature. Please see the side menu for details on speakers and their talks.

The Canadian Voices series is distinct from much public and current affairs radio programming in that each of the featured speakers is a Canadian, the series is produced in Canada, by Canadians, and focuses on topics that are of interest to Canadians.

The issues and ideas discussed, however, are indeed of interest to listeners of any nationality or geographic region, especially those curious about what we of the “True North Strong and Free” have to offer.

The project’s aim is to increase discussion on issues and ideas that are frequently ignored or distorted in other media. Most speakers are chosen based on their tacit commitment to community radio’s goals to serve the needs of socially, culturally, politically and economically disadvantaged groups in society. Others bring commitment to a range of topics, from the preservation of our environment to the development of human spirituality.

Canadian Voices programmes are broadcast on over 40 campus and community radio stations across Canada, including CJSW in Calgary, CKDU in Halifax, CJSF in Vancouver, CKUW in Winnipeg, CHRY in Toronto, CJTR in Regina, CKDU in Halifax, and CHMR in St. John’s. For a complete list of broadcasting stations,

The first four seasons have created an extensive archive of talks, most of which are available for download and audio streaming , free of charge, through the listen/download section of this site.

The project is coordinated by Zoë Creighton, in Nelson, British Columbia, with input and assistance from volunteers across the country. The format of Canadian Voices was inspired by Alternative Radio, an established role model of progressive audio programming produced in Boulder, Colorado.

We hope that listeners are stirred and inspired by the content of the series, and that our efforts encourage discussion on the important ideas and issues the speakers address. Please provide any comments or suggestions through the feedback form.