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Human Rights

Canadian Voices, Human Rights is a five-part subset of the first season of Canadian Voices, which features lectures by five Canadians on issues of Human Rights. It was funded by the Human Rights Program of Heritage Canada.

Speakers are Jeff Sommers, Michael Goldberg, Shari Graydon, Matthew Elrod, and Murray Mollard. They speak on issues ranging from children’s rights in the contexts of poverty and media manipulation, to how the civil liberties of Canadians have been compromised in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States

This phase of the project strives to make information on human rights and civil liberties, and their associated issues, accessible to a large number of Canadians. We strongly believe that the media of community radio and the web both afford this accessibility, and that they are ideal venues for this type of public education. It is hoped that the series will foster within each listener an increased awareness of human rights and a sense of the individual’s capacity to affect change.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Standards set out therein are a vital part of our law. Awareness-raising about these standards is essential in developing the understanding that Canadians are legally protected from the violation of our basic human rights. Through the Canadian Voices, Human Rights series, we aim to promote this understanding to further the Charter’s goals of ensuring a free and democratic society, and to help to empower Canadians to take responsibility for the protection of our own rights, and perhaps as importantly, for the rights of others.

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