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What the Right has done right, and what the Left can learn
Speaker: Heather-jane Robertson
A Society of Difference
Speaker: Adrienne Clarkson
Addictions and the Biology of Loss: What Happens When Parent-Child Attachments are Impaired
Speaker: Gabor Mate
An Evening With Jane Jacobs
Speaker: Jane Jacobs
Becoming Shock Resistant: Confronting the Rise of Disaster Capitalism
Speaker: Naomi Klein
Biotechnology:The Future
Speaker: David Suzuki
Boredom, Philosophy, and the Meaning of Life
Speaker: Mark Kingwell
Canada in the Post Unity Era: How Quebec is ( once again ) Redesigning the Canadian Political Landscape
Speaker: Chantal Hebert
Canada: Nation or Notion?
Speaker: Malcolm Gladwell and Adam Gopnik
Canada’s Anti Terrorism Act and Domestic Human Rights since 9/11
Speaker: Murray Mollard
Canada’s Drug Policy: Impacts on Civil Liberties
Speaker: Matthew Elrod
Child Poverty, Social Programs and Children’s Rights
Speaker: Michael Goldberg
Child Soldiers in Africa: New Angles on this Instrument of War
Speaker: Romeo Dallaire
Children’s Rights and Media Potential: We Can Do Better
Speaker: Shari Graydon
Confession of a Muslim Dissident: Why I Fight for Women, Jews, Gays…and Allah.
Speaker: Irshad Manji
Creative Resistance
Speaker: Mike Hudema
Death and Life in the Ethnosphere
Speaker: Wade Davis
Debt as Plot
Speaker: Margaret Atwood
Democracy, Citizenship and Sovereignty
Speaker: John Ralston Saul
Democracy: Back to Basics
Speaker: Andre Carrel
Deschooling, Democratic Education, and Social Change
Speaker: Matt Hern
Enough Blood Shed: 101 Solutions to Violence, Terror and War
Speaker: Mary-Wynne Ashford
Fair Trade and Survival: The Cooperative Revolution
Speaker: Martin Van Den Borre
Feeding the Future
Speaker: Michael Ableman
Fossil Fuels: Friend or Foe ?
Speaker: Mark Jaccard
Fragile Rights: The Erosion of our Human Rights and Civil Liberties in the Name of National Security
Speaker: Maher Arar
Framing the Medicare Issue: Fighting to Win.
Speaker: Murray Dobbin
Genetic Contamination and Its Effects on Family Farms
Speaker: Percy Schmeiser
Holding the Bully’s Coat: Canada and the U.S. Empire
Speaker: Linda McQuaig
Hot Air: Fixing Canada’s Climate Change Catastrophe
Speaker: Jeffrey Simpson
Housing, Health and Income Security: Human Rights in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
Speaker: Jeffrey Sommers
Human Rights, Social Justice and Cultures of Peace
Speaker: Stephen Lewis
In Praise of Slowness
Speaker: Carl Honore
Intent For a Nation: What Is Canada For?
Speaker: Michael Byers
It’s The Crude, Dude: War, Big Oil, and the Fight for the Planet
Speaker: Linda McQuaig
Journal Writing and the Art of Simple Living
Speaker: Marlene Schiwy
Missile Defence: Round One
Speaker: Steven Staples
Musings from a Writer’s Life
Speaker: Joy Kogawa
No Time: Stress and the Crisis of Modern Life
Speaker: Heather Menzies
One Nation Under Google: Citizenship in the Technological Republic
Speaker: Darin Barney
Our Own Creative Land: Cultural Monopoly and the Trouble with Copyright
Speaker: Michael Geist
Prisoner of Tehran
Speaker: Marina Nemat
Racial Diversity: North America’s Strength or Weakness?
Speaker: David Divine
Racial Profiling: Seeking Security, Fragmenting Canadian Society?
Speaker: Zool Suleman and Jason Gratl
Reframing the Story: Media Tactics and Interventions, Digital Dissent and Satire
Speaker: Megan Boler
Saving Our Oceans
Speaker: Paul Watson
Stolen Sisters: Discrimination and Violence Against Indigenous Women in Canada
Speaker: Beverley Jacobs
Survivor, Leader, Activist: A Journey of a Nisga’a Warrior Princess
Speaker: Melanie Mark
Sustainable Energy Solutions at the End of The Age of Oil
Speaker: Guy Dauncey
The AIDS Pandemic in Africa
Speaker: Stephen Lewis
The Brain That Changes Itself
Speaker: Norman Doidge
The Dalai Lama and Mind Science
Speaker: Victor Chan
The Future of Environmental Design
Speaker: Bruce Mau
The Geography of Hope
Speaker: Chris Turner
The Gift of Thanks
Speaker: Margaret Visser
The Implications and Consequences of Canada-US Integration
Speaker: Maude Barlow
The Inconvenient Truth about the Commodification of Water
Speaker: Maude Barlow
The Neuroscience of Conflict: Understanding Dissent in the Brain
Speaker: Ariel Garten
The Right to Be Cold: The Arctic Environment, Climate Change, and Human Rights
Speaker: Sheila Watt-Cloutier
The Sleeping Buddha: Portraits of a Changing Afghanistan
Speaker: Hamida Ghafour
The State of the Union Movement in Canada
Speaker: Buzz Hargrove
The Tao of Activism and Leadership
Speaker: Stephen Legault
The Unfinished Canadian
Speaker: Andrew Cohen
The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity and the Renewal of Civilization
Speaker: Thomas Homer-Dixon
Tricking the Border Guards: How Race is Performed Among Mixed Race Women
Speaker: Minelle Mahtani
Urban Meltdown: How Cities Malfunction
Speaker: Clive Doucet
Wasase: Indigenous Pathways of Action and Freedom
Speaker: Taiaiake Alfred
Who Will Repair It?
Speaker: Tzeporah Berman
Who’s the Revolutionary? How do we Want to Change the World?
Speaker: Severn Cullis-Suzuki
Why Ideas Matter
Speaker: Paul Kennedy