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Adrienne Clarkson

A Society of Difference

Date Recorded: Mar 2nd, 2007
Recorded At: The 2007 LaFontaine- Baldwin Lecture, Vancouver, BC
Recorded By: CBC’s Ideas
Duration: 59:30  

Topic Background

Canadians have come to believe that the diversity we enjoy in our country is familiar and reassuring. But, what about the future of a Canada which lives with difference but does not understand it? Is it necessary to prepare for a future in which contrasting values and expectations could clash? In A Society of Difference, the 2007 LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture in Vancouver, Adrienne Clarkson reflects on the challenges we must face individually and as part of the community we have created around us.

The LaFontaine- Baldwin lecture is co-hosted by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship ( and the Dominion Institute (

Speaker Biography

Born in Hong Kong in 1939, Adrienne Clarkson came to Canada as a refugee with her family, during the War in 1942. She earned her bachelor’s degree in 1960, a Master’s in English Literature in 1962, and Doctor of Laws in 2001 from the University of Toronto.

A leading figure in Canada’s cultural life, Adrienne Clarkson has had a distinguished career in broadcasting, journalism, the arts and public service. She was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1992, and upon her appointment as Governor General in 1999, she became Chancellor and Principal Companion of the Order of Canada.

Thank You to Sander Dankelman of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, and Liz Nagy of CBC’s Ideas for collaborating on the production of this episode.

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