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Canadian Voices – A Piece of History Restored

CanadianVoices was a visionary site in its day, providing a framework for an eclectic group of people, mostly Canadians, to voice their opinions on a wide group of issues. Now that doesn’t sound particularly revolutionary. But, what we think was ahead of its time was the site existed to provide these opinions as audio files. You could download mp3s and listen to the authors. In a way, it was a kind of curated podcast library, nothing special today.

We thought that the site was worth bringing back after it fell on hard times. When domain first expired, it turned into a site to promote streaming soccer matches. Can its former glory be restored? We aim to have a go. Now to be upfront dear reader, we don’t possess the old mp3 files, but we thought what we could do is to restore the framework and link to podcasts by these speakers. In this way, we hope to create the old one-stop-shop for Canadian thought leaders, expressing a Canadian Voice.

Once we restore, we will look at adding new material using the same idea, a place where Canadian thought leaders can continue to express ideas, or regale with tales of daring deeds done. Until then, you can get-in-touch if you like.

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