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Michael Ableman

Feeding the Future

Date Recorded: Feb 24th, 2009
Recorded At: Nelson, BC
Recorded By: Zoe Creighton
Duration: 59:10

Topic Background
This edition of Canadian Voices features farmer, photographer and author Michael Ableman, speaking on themes, and telling stories, from his most recent book, Fields of Plenty: A Farmer’s Journey in Search of Real Food and the People Who Grow It.

He spoke at an event put on by the Kootenay Local Agriculture Society, at the Capitol Theatre in Nelson, British Columbia. More information on this regional agricultural initiative at

From the society’s website: “Food may become the dominant issue of our time. The industrial system that brings it to us is unraveling and the cost of that system, ecologically, socially, and personally is enormous. While Ableman’s presentation will touch on the problems, it will leave us with a deeper sense of how we can participate in the solutions; on our farms and in our gardens, in our kitchens and at the dining room table, and in the broader communities where we live. ”

Michael Ableman currently farms at the Foxglove Farm, a 120 acre farm on Saltspring island, British Columbia, where he is developing the Centre for Art, Ecology and Agriculture. His experience as a practitioner of sustainable agriculture and a proponent of regional food systems for almost 30 years informs his talk and the stories about farmers he recounts.


Speaker Biography
Michael Ableman is the founder of the Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens, a non profit organization based on one of the oldest and most diverse organic farms in southern California, where he farmed from 1981 to 2001. Under Ableman’s leadership the farm was saved from development and preserved under one of the earliest and most unique active agricultural conservation easements of its type in the United States.

Ableman is author of From the Good Earth, On Good Land and Fields of Plenty: A Farmer’s Journey in Search of Real Food and the People Who Grow It. He is featured in the award-winning PBS national broadcast Beyond Organic.


For more information about Michael Ableman visit

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