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Zool Suleman and Jason Gratl

Racial Profiling: Seeking Security, Fragmenting Canadian Society?

Date Recorded: Mar 15th, 2007
Recorded At: Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, BC
Recorded By: Thomas Hicks, Necessary Voices Society
Duration: 59:30  

Topic Background

In the Post 9-11 world, racial profiling has come forward as a tool to aid government in creating a more “secure” society. In the Canadian context, where government denies that racial profiling occurs and where affected communities insist that racial profiling occurs, what are the relevant issues for consideration? Zool Suleman and Jason Gratl address this quesiton in their respective remarks.

Speaker Biography

Zool Suleman is a Canadian Immigration Lawyer and Director of the MARU Society, a non-profit organization which in part explores the intersection of issues related to migration and race ( ). MARU has initiated a project to stop racial profiling in Canada ( ). He was born in Uganda and is a member of the Muslim community. From 1992-1997, he was the Editor of Rungh, a South Asian arts journal ( Currently, he is also the Chairperson of the Mayor’s Task Force on Immigration for the City of Vancouver.

Jason Gratl is a Vancouver lawyer practicing in the area of criminal and civil litigation and President of the BC Civil Liberties Association. Jason has appeared at all levels of Court, from traffic Court to the Supreme Court of Canada. Before being diverted to the practice of law, Jason obtained an M.A. in philosophy from the University of Waterloo. His studies focussed on ethical theory and formal logic. He currently lives in Vancouver.

This talk was coordinated by Robbie Chesick, Canadian Voices’ Vancouver correspondent.

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